I'm lucky.  Once I acknowledge that simple statement, I'm happy to let you know a little more about the personal side of my life.

I have been married to Becca since 1992 and we have two delightful daughters.  Becca is an amazing woman on many fronts, including as a volunteer at Austin Street Shelter, Lipscomb Elementary, Susan G Komen and is a former adoption social worker. The oldest is now at Ursuline Academy and the youngest is at St Alcuin Montessori.  They have had the opportunity for a great education and we’ve sacrificed for them to be at these schools…definitely worth it as they’re smart, capable and curious.  That should take them a long way toward being confident, caring adults who make a difference in the world.

One of the best experiences of our lives, so far, was the 18 months we spent living in Madrid.  I was working at YPO at the time and could really live anywhere in the world, so that’s what we did.  Without knowing a soul or speaking a word of Spanish, we moved, got our visas, put the girls in an international school, lived in an apartment in the city center with no car, took Spanish lessons, and just reveled in being immersed in another culture. While I could go on and on about what we did/saw/learned/ate, the most important thing is how we grew as individuals, a couple, as sisters and as a family.  Not sure when, but there is no doubt we’ll go back there to live at some point.

My main recreation is running, mostly trails and mostly distances longer than the marathon such as 50k/50mile/100k/100mile events. Through my ultrarunning, I have made great friends and run in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  It has been, and I hope will be for years to come, a very personal way to explore people, places and myself.

I am active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, on the board of the North Texas Trail Runners, volunteer at Austin St Shelter and attend First Unitarian Church of Dallas.