“Buddy is thoughtful, well organized and a talented communicator. He has a great ability to see all the direct and soft issues of a complex situation and deftly manage through many challenging steps with ease. Buddy is professional, mature, thoughtful, firm and easy going. He is focused and keeps driving forward until the objectives are achieved."- Jim KenefickCEO, Working Excellence Capital Partners

“I highly recommend Buddy Teaster for a CEO/COOor other equivalent position.  I have worked with Buddy for many years inside of YPO’s decentralized and highly political environment and would suggest that he is nothing less than a master of leadership. “ - Rob FollowsFounding Partner, STS Capital Partners

“I recommend Buddy if you want to do something innovative, do it well, fast and on budget. Whether you work for him or he works for you, he acts as a peer and partner. It is rare to find someone like him, who is just so enjoyable and successful. May you be lucky enough to work with him.” -Elaine VittManaging Director, McGraw Bach

“In my engagements with Buddy, I found him to be a passionate and extremely dedicated outside the box thinker, in constant persistence of excellence. Buddy is masterful in his handling of personalities at all levels of seniority, and addressing the needs of the organization he serves, whilst securing the greatest added value for its members and key-stakeholders. I had the pleasure to witness Buddy's foresight on various occasions and always come away richer from my interactions with him!  - JC DuarteFounder, Strategy in a Day

“I have known Buddy for about a dozen years. We have been friends, business partners, and I have done work for YPO as a consultant when Buddy was their COO. He is a fantastic guy. He offers a rare combination of imagination and detailed execution. He always does what he says when he says. He will always try to help. His insights are spot on. He also has a great sense of adventure. Of course I have to wonder about a guy that runs 100 miles in the dead heat of a Texas summer but no one is perfect. - Scott BennettPresident, Change Agent Media

“Over the course of my thirty year career in the world of business, a handful of peers, subordinates and bosses have stood out in my mind. Buddy is one of those extraordinary people. He is articulate, insightful, inspiring, energizing, a strategic thinker and a great executor. And above all, he is a mensch!"  - Bob Halperin, former Chief Education Officer, Young Presidents Organization

“Buddy is the consummate professional with the ability to quickly identify solutions to critical business and communication problems while successfully navigating the complex personal and cultural makeup of today’s organizations. In addition to these skills, Buddy has an approachable working style that makes him a great asset to any organization. I whole-heartedly recommend Buddy and hope that I will have the opportunity to work with him again in the very near future.”  - Banks Bakerformer Director, Strategic Initiatives, Exclusive Resorts

Have you heard about the book 'the starfish and the spider'? Well Buddy is a true representation of a starfish. His leadership style is that of a catalyst where he inspires his team to take action. I've seen more 'open' activities at YPO than in any other organization free from politics, fear and control. He shares powerful stories with his team and then steps away and listens intently. I'd highly recommend Buddy for any position, partnership or aspiring partner.”  -  Maria SipkaChief Executive Officer, Co-founder, Linqia

 “Buddy Teaster is simply one of the most professional people I know and also one of the most talented!” 
-   Bill RoweVice-chairman Pearson Partners International

“I have worked with Buddy Teaster for 10 years in various capacities. I don't know if I will have enough room to endorse him in this space. Bright, innovative, leader, communicator... Buddy is unique in that he can work with with any person.. a world leader..CEO.. or new employee.” - Keith Alper, President, Creative Producers Group

“Buddy has exceptional talent in leading people, connecting people, and establishing valuable networks. He has helped change the lives of the leading CEOs throughout the world. Buddy is an outstanding professional and person.” - John Garda, Partner, K&L Gates

“Buddy is straight talking, honest, and sharp as they come. He’s a great mentor and an over-achiever, as all the best are. He’s one of the nutters that gets better and better with age. I would work with Buddy again at the drop of the hat – he’s damn smart, a real laugh, creative, driven.. and laid back.”   Jennifer D. Archangeli

"He is a true representation of a leader and person that would be a valuable asset to any organization. Buddy is extremely thoughtful in the way he approaches everything, including his management style which is always encouraging and consistent. Buddy provides the support and tools that enable his teams to maximize their opportunity to succeed at all times.”  -  Jeff BentonPrincipal, Benton Ventures  

“I have worked with Buddy for over 10 years and have found him to be an energetic, creative, entrepreneurial and inspired leader. He is known for cutting through red tape and getting big things done very well.  On a personal side, Buddy is an excellent mentor and someone who will give you a straight and honest answer. He takes the high road on issues, and has a great deal of integrity and honesty in all his endeavors.”  -  David CookExecutive Director- Events, YPO

“Buddy is one of the most talented people I have known with the ability to successfully navigate through challenging, politically charged environments. He balances a driven disposition with professionalism and inspiration while carrying himself with a confidently-casual style. He's smart, insightful, creative and very well connected and networked.”  - Joseph BowersExecutive Director, Member Networks, Young Presidents' Organization

“I have known and worked with Buddy in various capacities for the better part of 15 years. Buddy is an intelligent, very capable and thoughtful leader. He has a creative mind, and is great building strong teams that perform well in all types of situations. He understands and can drive strategy but has the knowledge and capacity to ensure excellent execution. I enjoyed having Buddy on my team (years ago) and have enjoyed our association even more as associates and friends.”  -  Leslie HughesPrincipal/Founder, Equidyne Ventures

 “Buddy is a tremendous leader. The combination of his ability to communicate the big-picture strategic vision, and his personable team-building management style, is very refreshing. He earns the respect of those who work with him, rather than expects it. I would jump at an opportunity to work with Buddy in any venture.”  -  Mark ScheerOwner, Mark Scheer Consulting

“Buddy is a unique -- and valuable -- executive. A great blend of strategic, visionary and executional skills. He has successfully leveraged his role to work as a peer with some of the world's best known executives, collaborating in a sometimes very challenging, politically charged environment. His personality and style helps connect people rather than polarize people, and the results speak for themselves. His experience and contacts are global, and he knows how to connect very difficult cultures and objectives for the greater good. I strongly recommend Buddy.”  - Wes NicholsCo-Founder/ Managing Partner, MarketShare Partners

I have had the great pleasure of working with Buddy for nearly three years.  In that time I have relished  his pragmatic approach to business, an approach that comes from years of experience and an insatiable desire to learn more from the ‘experts’ around him and around the world.  He is extremely knowledgeable and a great leader, a person who challenges; listens; questions; and acts. I have greatly appreciated this straight forward approach in both our business and personal relationship.  I can only hope to continue working with Buddy for years to come." - Jeff Velis, Senior Project Director, The National Association of Local Advertisers